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Merry Christmas

This historic year has given us an unexpected gift. As the whole world screeched to a halt, while separated and stilled, we received a blessing. The value of one another, each of you, realizing that the best present is Presence. The presence of loved ones, and more importantly the Presence of our Heavenly Father.
Everything we planned did not go as planned. The pivot spawned creativity fueled by determination not to abandon our mission, now more critical than ever. For many vulnerable children, safer at home was not the case. Foster families and kinship families carried on the frontline responsibility of caring for children. In those moments you listen to what you made possible:

From the words of a kinship mom:
When the virus first hit us hard and everything in the stores was hard to come by, I offered to stop receiving the weekly meal. I didn’t want to put any more burden on the care team than there already was concerning groceries. 
The care team talked and decided that now more than ever we needed them. The girls in our care didn’t get out much and interactions with people were rare. The team would leave our meals on the porch and each week the girls watched out the window for them so they could wave and say HI.  Sometimes we sat on the porch and chatted while they would stay a safe distance away from us.  
Knowing that one day out of the week I don’t have to cook and have just a few dishes to wash is a huge relief. It may not seem like much to someone else, but it is truly a blessing to me. I can play with the girls more or get them to a doctor’s appointment or out to play.
I am so grateful the girls get to see that there are people in our community that truly care about them and their wellbeing. Thank you for creating Fostering Family Ministries and bring this care team into our lives!
We share these thanks with you. For every one of you who pray for children & families, who give a few hours a month or give financial support to help us recruit, train and mentor churches and community partners to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children. Working together, we make a tremendous financial impact in our communities, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars while keeping children local in foster care. More importantly, we save these children from further trauma of moving to another community—this is Priceless! Surrounded by supportive friends these foster and kinship families are able to care for children longer and stronger.
Your gifts help us to appreciate our foster and kinship families throughout the year. In 2020 we developed Family Fun Packs to Go, allowing families to enjoy a fun activity on us, even though we could not host our large event. This word of thanks goes to you:

A foster mom writes:
Recently our family redeemed the “Family Fun Pack to Go” to go bowling at Luray Lanes. The children had a great time and were very thankful they got to go. Thank you for your time, encouragement, and support!
A ministry that started to meet a need in Ashland County has now grown to Richland and Knox Counties…in the midst of a pandemic! Communities and churches are coming together to meet the needs of vulnerable children. As we look to 2021, several more counties want to get involved. Additional churches in our current counties want to launch foster care ministry. As each family steps up to foster, they need the church to surround them with support. Here’ one example from 2020:

Churches and community keeping siblings together:
FFM church partners rallied around a foster family this summer to help four siblings stay together in placement. The foster family already had 3 children (1 foster). They had room for four more in their new home but not enough beds. Our church partners stepped up. Within 24 hours the family had a beautiful set of bunk beds, new mattresses, and new bedding in the children’s favorite colors, all obtained locally. Many hands make light work! These children were so thankful to be able to stay together during this traumatic time of transition.
Will you continue to partner with us as we step up to meet these needs? A year end gift will help us close the gap of our $30,000 Stand Sunday Campaign which represents about one third of our budget. We have reached $27,000 in gifts and pledges and are trusting God to provide the final $3,000. These funds will help us start 2021, ready to launch more foster care ministries, continue to mentor existing partners and recruit more foster parents. We know God has a plan to expand our ability to serve more vulnerable children, can we count on you to join us?
Would you consider a one-time gift? Every $50, $100 or $250 will help us serve vulnerable children in 2021. Now may be the time for you to become a monthly partner. Call us to learn about our legacy giving and other options, 419-496-2507. Mail your gift, go to our website to give electronically www.
Give a Year End Gift

Centuries ago, another year did not go as planned for Mary and Joseph, but the birth of Jesus changed eternity for us all. While Mary and Joseph had to pivot from their plans, God’s mission to provide a Savior for the world continued uninterrupted. Aren’t you glad there is a Greater Plan in motion? We don’t always see it clearly, but our Heavenly Father is guiding us each step of the way. 

Please share our mission with others as well as God’s provision. Click the button below to the Impact Report 2020 and get a glimpse of some of the ministry milestones. Behind each number is a child and a family who was loved and supported by a volunteer, a team, a church and YOU! 

May you know the true blessing of Christmas this year, celebrating the birth of our Savior.

2020 Impact Report



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