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Nothing happens by accident...

Nothing happens by accident...

In the world of foster care it is often heartbreaking to hear the stories of children who come into care. Let me increase your faith by sharing God's hand in this journey of healing.

A foster family decides they are willing to search out the best educational option to help their their foster boys continue to heal in this unusual season. While they love their local school, another option seemed best for this year. They receive permission to home educate the boys during this school year. God honored their servant's heart. For the first time ever, the county has granted permission for these foster boys to be home educated for a year. 

God placed a foster family on my heart  for prayer during the past two weeks. Thursday, I was burdened to call. I learned one of their foster boys (19 yrs old), who spent six months in their home, was killed when a semi truck hit him two days prior. God is using this foster couple to be a light of the gospel and a haven for healing to the youth in the community who need to mourn his death and their loss. Pray as we help them arrange a Celebration of Life service and engrave a memorial stone to honor his precious life.

A foster parent needed drywall repairs  to an upstairs ceiling prior to receiving final certification. The contractor we found to make the repair is also a foster parent. What a blessing the job is done! In the meantime, God began burdening this foster parent about the needs of teens in foster care. A divine purpose for the waiting.

The challenges of this season caused us to rethink our Family Festival. We did not want our families to go unappreciated during these challenging days. Enter, Family Fun Packs to Go. What a great way to bless our families with gift certificates we purchased for family experiences at area attractions!

At the end of 2019, God burdened me to email other faith based ministry leaders to consider giving some time each Wednesday in 2020 to pray, even fast asking God to break strongholds in our community and give us spiritual healing. Little did I know what 2020 would hold and how the ground would be shifted! Who would imagine the world would stand still for weeks and then wrestle with such might as spiritual battles rage. Clearly, the wind of God's Spirit yearns to rush in.

Our response: this Sunday, August 23rd from 5-6:30pm a Sacred Assembly has been called for north central Ohio at Freer Field in Ashland. Let God draw your heart to repent, return and revive your walk with Him. Invite Flyer,   FaceBook Event link

Is it time for you to stop and PRAY this Sunday,

          to step up and CARE for a foster family,

                    or sacrifice and GIVE to the needs of these foster families?

Thank you for listening to my heart. These are just a few snapshot of the many ways God has been orchestrating all of these days for His glory. We are in His hand. Walk boldy in faith! 

For Hope and a Future,

Sherry M. Bouquet
Executive Director

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