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All I want for Christmas...

All I want for Christmas...

Sherry Bouquet December 23, 2022

This time of year you often hear the words…”All I want for Christmas…”. When we think about that question considering children and families in the foster care system it takes on a whole new meaning.  Small things you and I take for granted become big things like peace, safety, love, protection, a warm bed, a hug, a meal, and a listening ear.
On the first Christmas, it was not about what we wanted but what God gave to us, his Son Jesus, our Savior. “God so loved the world that he GAVE his son Jesus” John 3:16. A Savior…we all needed. In that same spirit of giving, you have helped us meet the needs of children and families in your community.
Your gifts have provided:

  • support friends (care teams) through our local church partners to serve families caring for foster children, helping them to foster longer and stronger.
  • A mother and child were able to stay together when you provided beds.
  • A stove enabled a family to continue to provide meals for their children keeping them home.
  • Training in TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention) has equipped foster and kinship caregivers, counselors, and other professionals to provide trauma competent care for kids from hard places. Many foster parents’ comment, “I wish I had this training before my first child placement!”
  • Trauma Competent Court training and follow up training for agency partners.
  • More people inquired about becoming foster parents, receiving support, advice, and encouragement throughout their certification process. Increasing the number of foster families in our communities!
  • New church and community partnerships have been launched to serve more families and children in foster care.
  • Vital sensory items given to children & teens in need (weighted lap pads, lavender scented stuffed bunnies).

In this season of gratitude and generosity, would you consider a generous year end gift to help us continue to give love and care to children and families in foster care during 2023? As we celebrate the gifts of 2022, we look forward to meeting the needs of 2023. New and increased gifts will be doubled up to $20,000!
Your support will help us develop and offer TBRI coaching to serve caregivers supporting kids from hard places. Continue to develop more church partnerships, training and coaching lay leaders to provide those support teams to families caring for foster children. Connect with more community partners and together serve our teens in foster care with opportunities for job and career exploration. Meet material needs to help make a placement, keep families together or help them reunify.
Together, our gifts will provide a way for these children, teens, and families from hard places to experience and know the love of God, the reason for that first Christmas, the gift of God’s own son Jesus!

Thank you for giving your time. You may choose to mail in a gift, use our
online giving  through our website, or contact us by phone if you prefer at
419-496-2507.If you are considering a gift of stock or other assets,
please contact us.


Don't forget to register for TBRI Caregiver: Deep Dive by Dec. 30th. 

Training is Thursdays in January. Details on our calendar.

Save the DATE:
TBRI In Home Intensive Facilitator Training:  March 2,3,4

Color Fun Walk/Run:  May 20th  Freer Field Ashland
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