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Do you show or share your love?

Do you show or share your love?

The theme of February marketing in our local stores revolves around Valentine's Day. Do you focus on showing love to your family and friends or do you take the opportunity to share the love to others in need of encouragement? A recent testimony from an incredible family caring for four children from foster care will motivate your heart.

"The group (a care team) that has been bringing us meals once a week has been hands down one of the MOST PRACTICAL supports we have ever received as foster parents. Usually the type of support people want to give us are things like winter hats and gloves, or tons of stuff (soaps, bags, etc.). (This may sound selfish, but we are like every other parent and like to buy clothing and gloves for our own kids that they can pick out at the store) . It's always been given with a good heart but I can tell you in a small household with four kids, the last things we really want is stuff. Someone cooking me a meal once a week, I can't even tell you what that meant to me. It's such a relief every Tuesday when I realize I have one thing off my plate."

Would you like to know how you can SHARE your love and make an impact like this on a family caring for children in foster care? Our mission is to partner with local Christian churches to help you meet that need.  CONTACT US

Are you a family caring for children in foster care and wish you had that kind of practical love shared with you? Reach out to us and let us know your need. We are happy to work on connecting you with the blessing of a care team.  CONTACT US



Xander Sensory Stuffed Animal Project
Our partner churches will be helping assemble sensory Xander stuffed animals with a
warmable lavender scented filling to be distributed to foster children in the counties we serve.   

Ashland County assembly and pick up will be on the afternoon of March 27th.
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TBRI: Hope for the Journey

April 20th Medina, April 30th Mansfield
Register Here



        Color Fun Walk/Run May 14        
  Freer Field  Ashland Ohio 

Matching Challenge Opportunity up to $25,000
Save the Date. Registration opening soon.
Want to Volunteer?
Would you like to help sponsor this event? Contact us.


Looking forward to sharing the love together with families who care for children in foster care!

For Hope and a Future,

Sherry M. Bouquet

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