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Where were you when...

Where were you when...

where were you when...

We used to refer to 9/11, then came 2020. After this past year we have a new landmark chain of events that resonate uniquely with each of us. The mark on our lives can be painful or filled with purpose. The moment the world began to shut down...where were you? 

This past year has changed us all as well the world we live in. An at risk child removed from their home experiences that type of change every time. In Ohio 16,000+ children and youth have experienced dramatic change to their lives, even for their own safety. 

In the midst of uncertainty these little HEROES ventured into new homes during COVID and lockdown. Thankfully they were met with HEALERS, (foster and kinship parents) ready with open arms and open hearts who began emergency home schooling and remote learning. Our Church Champions responded and kept their teams serving these families in their greatest time of need.

A year later, all the memories, all the change, the good and the hard reminds us we all need Hope for the Journey. Now is your turn to become a HELPER of the healers. Get equipped at the one day simulcast while learning more about how we all react to trauma or dramatic changes in our lives.

Hope for the Journey
FLYER to Download & print

April 9th  8:30a-5:30p
$20 each workbook and lunch provided
OR digital pass option (with workbook) to view until May 31th.

Now is the time for your church to step up as helpers. While we continue to recruit new foster families, we also help churches engage in front line support of foster, kinship, adoptive and birth families. Contact us to learn more about this opportunity 419.496.2507 or info@fosteringfamilyministries.org. 

Register your lay leaders in the Church Champion Clinic and launch your foster care ministry. The service your church already provides can make a difference in the lives of foster and kinship families. Come and learn how!

Church Champion Clinic

Saturday, April 24th. 8:30a-12:30p


Join us to celebrate Fostering Family's 5th anniversary, Foster Care Appreciation Month and raise funds to help us recruit & equip families to serve the needs of at-risk kids.

 May 15th 8am-10am  
Color Fun Walk & 5K Run
Freer Field, Ashland OH
(remote option available)

More details to come!

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