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Give a H.U.G.

Give a H.U.G.

Today is National HUG day.  Who would have thought a year ago this simple gesture would be so needed yet so neglected during a global pandemic?
The power of physical touch is scientifically documented and deeply healing. While we haven’t been able to hug everyone the way we are used to in this season, we have learned new ways to express that care until we are able to be together with everyone again.
Help us give our foster children, families and social workers on the front line a HUG. In 2017 you gave to support our weighted lap pad project which give a child a “hug” to help calm and support them. This project continues to the present and is needed now more than ever!
The stress of this past year weighs heavily on our children. Our supply of lap pads is in need of replenishing. Your gift of $25 would provide a lap pad for a child or youth in need of a “hug”.
At the end of 2019, we were blessed with nearly $1,500 in gift cards from the Women's Brunch at Trinity Lutheran and the employees of PCA in Ashland. None of us knew how vital that would be during the year of a global pandemic. These cards also H.elp  U.s  G.ive support to families in tangible ways.

Restaurants, groceries, coffee, ice cream, home goods, every card met a need for a family. When we could not physical hug or appreciate our families, we were able to give a virtual hug.
While we still cannot celebrate our families in the same way the impact of gift cards is a powerful way to say, “I love you, I care for you, here’s a Hug in the name of Jesus!”  Step up and give a HUG on National Hug Day and beyond.

Over the next month we need to replenish our supply of gift cards for virtual HUGS and our supply of weighted lap pads for "physical hugs”. We are thankful for your support!

Church Champion Clinic.  In Person & Virtual options: 4  hrs.

Would you like to give a HUG by stepping into serving foster children through your local church? Launch & lead foster care ministry. Receive coaching & ongoing support. REGISTER: In Person.(January)    Virtual (February)
Trauma Informed Ministry Training.  VIRTUAL FEB. 2:  2 hrs. Help your church understand how to serve foster children and all children who have been through trauma in this season. You may also schedule this training in person at your church. REGISTER

For Hope and a Future,
Sherry Bouquet
Executive Director

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