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Were you out given this Christmas?

Were you out given this Christmas?

Did someone else give the biggest, the most unusual or the absolutely perfect gift this Christmas?

Truthfully, each of us was out given for Christmas this year by the gift of Jesus. Did you celebrate Emmanuel, God with us with renewed wonder and passion? It is the greatest gift of a Savior that fills us with purpose each day of the year.

This gift motivates our partner churches and volunteers who carry the boundless gift of Jesus love to hurting children and families in our communities on a daily and weekly basis. Our willingness, placed in the service of our Heavenly Father, knows no limits.

Our Impact Report reflects the volume of love poured out in Jesus name over the past year. The faithful financial support and year end gifts are preparing us to fulfill God's call to enlarge our territory in 2021. Legacy minded people are making special gifts to support our mission into the future.

Since you may be considering a tax-deductible gift to Fostering Family Ministries or your local church --we wanted to pass on this valuable information from the CARES ACT in case you missed it.

It contains important incentives designed to help people like you give generously at the end of a year that’s been challenging for ministries like ours.

3 Things About The CARES Act You Need To Know

1. You’re Offered An Additional Deduction:  Givers who take the standard deduction on their personal tax return are entitled to deduct up to $300 from their income, in addition to the standard deduction.

2. You’re Empowered To Give More:  Givers can receive a deduction of up to 100% of their annual gross income for charitable cash giving. This is a 50% increase over previous years, making room for larger gifts. 

3. You’re Invited To Enjoy Tax-Free Giving:  If you’re over 70 ½, you can give up to $100,000 from an IRA account without having to pay taxes on it.

With only two days left this year to give...will you be motivated by the priceless gift of your Savior and give? One time, monthly, or special legacy gift? Questions about giving options, call 419-496-2507?

            Give a Year End Gift            

Thank you for your gift of time, talents and finances to provide healing homes for children in need. You are an instrument of God's greatest gift to a world in need of hope and a Savior.

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