We are thankful for you! - Fostering Family Ministries
We are thankful for you!

We are thankful for you!

We thank God for you!

Over the course of the challenges of this year, you personally experienced a glimpse of the stress of change and challenge on our foster children. Yet through the unpredictable, you continued to serve, to pray, to give and to find new ways to help vulnerable children in our community.

We thank God for providing YOU, for giving you a heart of SERVICE willing to be HOPE to foster children around you. You make our impact possible.

Our foster and kinship families are stronger because of your faithfulness to continue to care for them through FFM.

New families are stepping out to become a safe place for foster children. Churches are stepping up and launching family affirming foster care ministry. 

I thank God for your partnership with Fostering Family Ministry. Keep praying, keep serving and keep giving, Without you, FFM would not even exist.

Because you make our ministry possible, you share in the blessing of these words of thanks from a kinship family:

"Thank you for creating Fostering Families Ministries and for bringing Haley, Gale, Cheryl, Seiko and both Mikes into our lives."

Giving THANKS to God for you!

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