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Is it Home Sweet Home?

Is it Home Sweet Home?

Have you picked up a paint brush, a hammer or shovel around the house in the past few months. If so you join 70% of Americans who have found time during the slowdown of the pandemic to work on home improvements. From decks to remodeling to landscaping, record numbers of people are taking time to improve the aesthetics of the place they call home.

How would you like to be engaged in a greater need for home improvement?  At any given time in the past 4 months 16,000 children have been in the foster care system in Ohio. Give a healing home, support and love for a child who has been removed from their home due to abuse, neglect or abandonment. 

You may be called to open the door of your own home and become a foster parent.

You may be called to be a part of a team to help support a foster family as they care from children from foster care.

You may give from your resources to help this ministry grow across our area and get more churches and volunteers partnering with child placing agencies to provide, home sweet home for many vulnerable children.

Our FFM ministry partnership of 15 churches and Ashland County Children's Services look forward to celebrating a dramatic increase in the number of foster families by the end of the summer.

The work is EXPANDING to several surrounding counties, Richland and Knox to name a few. Is your church involved?

Step up and get involved in a life changing home improvement project. Providing a healing home and a church family for our children in foster care.

Step 1: Send lay leadership to attend our upcoming Church Champion Clinic, August 22.
Learn More HERE.

Step 2: Foster OR Volunteer to serve a foster family!
Foster Parent Training HERE
Volunteer Training HERE

Questions? Contact us to learn how you and your church can help provide healing homes for children in foster care.

For Hope and a Future,

Sherry M. Bouquet
Executive Director

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