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It is Good because He is Risen

It is Good because He is Risen

It's Good because a Resurrection is coming!

For all of us this Holy Week and Easter season has been celebrated in a most unusual way. Do not let the irony of our isolation be lost on us.

While our shelter at home orders are in no way on par at all with the sacrifice of our Savior it is a small taste of an act of sacrifice for the greater good. On this Good Friday Jesus cried out to his Father..."Why have you forsaken Me?" He was willing to be separated to defeat sin, Satan and the grave for us.

For many of us this time alone will give way to better days ahead. Yet for the most vulnerable among us these days alone are filled with tension and struggle. This current season will give way to a second crisis in which more frail families will need material and relational support and more children will be placed in foster care.

As we contemplate the immeasurable sacrifice of Jesus for us upon the cross today, let us also be willing to step up and sacrifice for the needs of those in our community. While we as believers know that JOY is set before us... Easter, Resurrection Sunday, there are many in our community who do not know Jesus as their personal Savior. 

While we celebrate this day apart from the physical presence of the Church around us would you pray God would fill you with a desire to BE THE CHURCH, by being a neighbor, to those in our community. God may be calling you to open your home as a foster parent, God may be calling you to serve a foster or kinship family as a volunteer, God may be calling you to giveout of your blessings to help us meet the needs of vulnerable children and families in our midst.

To better prepare yourself to minister to people in the midst of these challenging times, participate in the Empowered to Connect training either self-paced from home or on May 15-16th.

In the next week you will learn of a disaster relief resource, driven by the Church which will be implemented across the state of Ohio to meet needs in the coming months. We look forward to leading the way in our community and partnering with your church in the process.

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