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Your Service is Vital to Families

Your service is vital to families.

We have all been impacted by the current health crisis and the physical limits enacted for personal safety has changed the way we conduct everyday life. Kids are home from school while parents are trying to work from home.  Some people have had to take pay cuts or have lost jobs. Needless to say, many have been strained financially, physically and emotionally.
These dramatic changes can be especially difficult for foster & kinship families. Changes to normal routine and structure provided by jobs, schools and regular social worker visits can result in behavioral challenges, overwhelming stress and isolation. The pressure on foster families is immense.
It is a critical time for your care team to keep up the support and loving connection with our foster and kinship families. Our role is to keep families from feeling isolated by serving and being virtually present.

The Care Team Service Guide 2020 provides safe service guidance as well as creative ideas to serve and connect in these days. Please check out the resource, download or print out and connect with your team. Your care is essential in extending the love of God and a peace which passes all understanding!

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