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The miracle of dogs?!

The miracle of dogs?!


The sun shone brightly as the volunteers worked to put final touches on the outdoor activities for the family festival. Sounds like a typical summer day, doesn’t it? Except, this was the first foster/kinship family festival in three years where we have not had rain! That in and of itself is worthy of the title "miracle"!

Our foster and kinship (relative) families enjoyed the sun and breeze as they played games, hurled water balloons to new heights with the three-man slingshot, tumbled and bounced, and much more. All staffed by volunteers from a number of area churches including those from Trinity Lutheran and St. Edwards who helped children enjoy the sensory bins Karla of Groundworks Play Therapy had set up. It was delightful to see the happy faces enhanced with face paint as the children dashed out to the open grass to grasp ahold of a handle of the multi colored parachute. Some of the best views were found under the center of the kaleidoscope of color as it raised and lowered on cue.

The delightful weather brought out more than those who RSVP’d which is where the miracle comes in. We surveyed the simmering pots of pulled pork, chicken, baked beans from Cross Connect Church and wondered if we would be able to fill all the plates of these precious families. Thanks to the quick thinking of our volunteers,  Beyond Measure Market next door became a player in our miracle. Hotdogs to the rescue!

As the food was served, including enormous trays of fruits and veggies from dear folks at Paradise Hill UMC. The families were filled and satisfied. Bethel rounded out the event with beverages and the paper products and venue. The food was plentiful enough for us to feed our volunteers and still give away care packages of left overs our guests have become accustomed to receiving.

Our day wrapped up with generous drawings donated from every corner of our community. Gift cards to restaurants, entertainment spots, store gift cards and even a couple of house cleaning gifts as well as two massages. Our faithful families were so appreciative and everyone went home a winner with a gift bag for every child/youth present.

One day, one Church, one Purpose: to celebrate the faithful work of our kinship and foster families in caring for children from hard places. These children, temporary orphans, need you to help make a difference in their life. Will you join us in serving them?

Open your home, involve your church, support a family with a meal or a night out,  or put out a yard sign. Choose one thing and begin. We are all called to Be the Neighbor and Help Foster a Child. Fostering Family Ministries is there to help you answer that call.

Hear about the needs of foster children and families in their own words. 

Watch Now.

Let us know how you will be involved

Save the date: November 17th to take a STAND for children in foster care. More to come...

For Hope and a Future,

Sherry M. Bouquet
Executive Director

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