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More than Enough

More than Enough


Ever wonder how your church is doing when it comes to engagement in foster care? 

Today is the day you find out. 

The FREE More Than Enough* Church Foster Care Assessment allows you and other leaders in your church to answer a few questions and immediately get a customized report that will help you see where your church is already making an impact before, during, or beyond foster care and identify opportunities to serve more children and families in your county. It takes about 10 minutes.  

Using the insights and suggestions from your customized report, you will be able to gather with others in your church and begin to prepare for even greater impact!

One church leader who took the assessment said:

“When we took the assessment we realized that we had turned away from prayer. While we bathed the decision to START an orphan ministry in solid prayer for an entire year, once we started and got rolling, we stopped praying continuously for the ministry itself. DUH!!! What an eye opener!”

  Take  the  Church  Assessment  

Mark your calendar for Thursday, August 29th @ 12 noon at Corner Park, Ashland Ohio. Join us for our fall campaign, More Than Enough. Together, the church will make sure there is More Than Enough care before, during and after foster care. If you cannot be present then pray with us as we launch and share the video:


With God's help we will provide More Than Enough!

Sherry M. Bouquet
Executive Director
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