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Remember Conversation Hearts?

Remember Conversation Hearts?

What conversations have been spoken to your heart?
In January the news broke that you must act quickly if you wanted to get the few remaining boxes of conversation hearts. Do you remember sorting through the colors and sayings, picking out your favorite ones to eat first?

Well, a week later I saw plenty of conversation heart candy still on the shelves at the grocery. As it turns out the Necco brand of hearts weren't made this year but Brach's still produces conversation hearts. Rest easy, you can still purchase your conversation hearts...they just won't taste like Tums!

Although this traditional candy of Valentine's is nothing more that sugar and color with simple sayings, it begs the thought...what type of conversations have the hearts of our children from heard places heard? Have they heard that they are special? they matter? they are loved?

Would you be willing to start a conversation that breathes hope and life into a child's heart? As a supportive friend serving on a care team or even a foster parent, you have many opportunities to bring hope and healing to a child's heart.

If you church is already a partner with Fostering Family Ministries then maybe it's time to share the need again with your church family. Use this video or share these flyers.

If your church does not have a foster care ministry then reach out to us by email and we will help you get started. We need you to be willing to share the love of God to these children from hard places. Serving on a care team will give you the chance to speak hope and healing to the hearts of children in need.

For Hope and a Future,

Sherry M. Bouquet
Executive Director

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