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Twas The Week Before Christmas

Twas The Week Before Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas...
...and all through the house. What is your house like this time of year for your family? Hurried and hectic or in holy anticipation? Or a little of both?

At our house the nativity is on display. The staff children are helping us with our advent calendar, the lights are twinkling and gifts are appearing under the live tree. Special preparations are being made to love our Savior for his gift to us and share that love with those in our family.

At Fostering Family Ministries we are rejoicing in the special expressions of love we are receiving from those who are supportive of our mission. We know these gifts and abilities will help churches take on the ministry of seeing their families become the place for children from hard places.

For the first time some children in our church families are learning of the true meaning of Christmas. For the first time some children are experiencing the blessing of a loving family caring for their needs. For the first time some children are able to give joy to others out of the bounty of their own heart.

I have received many expressions of thanks from foster and kinship families for a our small Thanksgiving gesture of a bakery gift certificate to get a pie or baked good for their Thanksgiving table. It was just a simple gesture to tell them the work they do is priceless. As one foster family wrote, "Our church family has been a true blessing to us, and we know this is a reflection of all you do."

I pray you consider how your family and your church can step up to the front lines and be the church to many children and youth in need. Look to the New Year and let 2019 be the year you stepped in to help lighten the load. God has given you special gifts that need to be shared!

Enjoy these Holy Days as we celebrate the Greatest Gift of Jesus,

Sherry Bouquet
Executive Director

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