Why We Exist - Fostering Family Ministries

Why We Exist

The Crisis:

There are over 400,000 abused and neglected children in our country in need of a loving home.

The long-term effects of children growing up without a caring and stable family is tragic.

Fostering Family Ministries
Education: Fewer than 3% of foster youth will earn a college degree.
Fostering Family Ministries
Pregnancy: 71% of girls who age out of the foster care system will be pregnant by age 21.

Crime: In some states over half the population in prison has come from foster care.

Fostering Family Ministries

Trafficking: 60% of those trapped in sex trafficking are from foster care.

Fostering Family Ministries

Unemployment: Only 50% of foster youth who age out of the system will be employed by age 24.

Fostering Family Ministries

Homelessness: Up to 33% of youth become homeless after aging out of the foster-care system.



The Results:

Caring for children in the foster system is a powerful way to proactively address issues like homelessness, drug abuse, human trafficking, prostitution, and teen pregnancy. The return on the investment of time, treasure and talents will be eternal and everlasting.

The Motivation 

According to James 1:27 the answer to the foster care crisis is simple: the local church. Where else will we find loving families for God to set the lonely in for hope, healing and a future? As God has given us a new home, a new hope and a future we will do the same for the least of these.

The Opportunity

Fostering Family Ministries What if the church became the place where abused and neglected children become beloved sons and daughters nurtured in loving families?

If every church family would raise up at least one foster family, we would see a waiting list of loving families ready to care for children, rather than a waiting list of children in need of a home.

Fostering Family Ministries knows that the need in America is great. You are called to meet the need in your zip code. Our work will improve the well-being of vulnerable children and their families. There is a church family for every waiting child.