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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Room for one more.
Room for one more. That is the lesson I learn from our foster and kinship families every day of the year. Room for The One, Jesus, is the heart of the message of Christmas.

One family stepped out in faith and stretched their expectations to take in a teenager in addition to the toddler and their own 9 year old. This teen recently shared at the dinner table he was thankful for a loving and friendly family. What a gift!

A volunteer saw a need and was willing to do a few more loads of laundry so a foster mom would have time to spend with the children in her care.

Another family has opened up their home to a few more elementary aged children. While doing an Advent devotional together in the morning, one child realized their need for a Savior which is Jesus Christ. How beautiful!

Grandparents, who took in three grandchildren, look back on the huge transition this past year to see the amazing progress these children have made in their care. Another grandmother with who watched her grandchildren enjoy the family festival had tears in her eyes at the end of the event. When I asked what was wrong, she said nothing, they were simply tears of joy as she saw the happiness of her grandchildren.

From the innkeeper in Bethlehem to our crowded lives do we miss the chance to make room for the One who has come to rescue us from ourselves? Jesus came as an unexpected addition to Mary & Joseph’s family. His coming changed everything. His sacrifice on the cross made possible a beautiful relationship with our Heavenly Father, available for all who will make room for Him in their hearts.

This Christmas season would you first make room for Jesus in your heart and in your life? Then would you make room for one more child who needs a family, who needs healing, who needs clothes, school supplies, a family helper bringing a meal once a month, experiences or a mentor and friend to help him grow and heal.

Your prayers, your willingness to volunteer as a supportive friend for a foster or kinship family and your financial gifts help children from hard places know hope and a future.

Perhaps God is calling you to make room at your table and in your home for one of these children. He has definitely commanded us, as the church, to find a way to make room to help these children and families. In doing so we show a watching world how personal relationship with a Heavenly Father motivates us to show His love to others.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

For Hope and a Future,

Sherry M. Bouquet
Executive Director

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