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How many HUGs so far in October?

How many HUGs so far in October?

How many HUGs have we received so far in October?

Support for HUGs to Help Us give has come from many different sources. Have you been included yet? So far this month we have received 17 1/2 HUGs! That is $1,750 given so far.

We are thankful for the churches, First Presbyterian and Bethel in Savannah who have sent in a HUG of financial support and the individuals who have sent in HUGs. We have also received 7 HUGs from Friends through the Years, a local sorority of women who each month support different charities in the community.

Your financial support In the month of October helps us Helps Us Give to children from hard places and families who give them a home.  Fostering Family Ministries is helping the church to be on the front lines giving support to those who are hugging on these children. Would you Help Us Give a HUG and be one of the 32 1/2 hugs we need to reach our goal? 

We give "HUGs" by

  • helping churches recruit more foster parents and volunteers
  • training local church care teams
  • coordinating resources to meet foster children & famiiy needs
  • training churches in trauma informed ministry
  • advocating with our local agencies to continually improve our foster care
  • providing trauma informed care tools to those who work with children in need

We are praying for 50 people to give a HUG of $100 each to fund our services through the end of the year. Perhaps you can give $25 a week for 4 weeks or two gifts of $50 each. Maybe you will partner with others who share the gift of a HUG.

Ask your church or Sunday School class to take an offering this month to give. Mail your gift or give securely online. Together let's HUG our children and families in need while sharing the love of Jesus.

Keep an eye on your inbox in October for practical stories about how we HUG children and families in need. You will learn how your HUG is given to those in need. Please share this challenge with others to help us reach our goal!

Thank you for Helping Us Give,

Sherry Bouquet
Executive Director,
Fostering Family Ministires


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