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What happens when empty nesters open their home to a toddler and a first grader?

What happens when empty nesters open their home to a toddler and a first grader?

Life goes into warp speed! Imagine rewinding your parenting skills from two decades ago and putting your schedule into overdrive. This is the time for a trained care team from a local church to put the love of God into action and give this family a  HUG.

A care team from Trinity Lutheran Church is surrounding this family with a great big hug in many practical ways. Hear how they are helping in Rose Marie's own words...

"My care team at TLC is a wonderful group of people that are committed to rallying around these girls.  It is very humbling to have so many that care so much and want to see these girls succeed and feel what it means to be loved and safe.  With Karen's lead, these families have offered to do so many wonderful things for us, it is pretty humbling.  They have put together a weekly meal schedule for us and every Monday, we receive an amazing meal to look forward to.  I might also add that they are all wonderful cooks. 
They definitely spoil us! 

It is very hard for us to ask for help so this has been an adjustment for us. Our work schedules keep us very busy, then you add in a 2 year old
and 6 year old first grader. Let’s just say, at our age
time really moves at a fast pace now!!"

This is one of the practical ways your financial support In the month of October helps us Helps Us Give to these children and families in need through Fostering Family Ministries. Would you Help Us Give a HUG? Your funding helped train this care team to serve!

We give "hugs" by

  • helping churches recruit more foster parents and volunteers
  • training local church care teams
  • coordinating resources to meet foster children & famiiy needs
  • training churches in trauma informed ministry
  • advocating with our local agencies to continually improve our foster care
  • providing trauma informed care tools to those who work with children in need
We are praying for 50 people to give a HUG of $100 each to fund our services through the end of the year. Perhaps you can give $25 a week for 4 weeks or two gifts of $50 each. Maybe you will partner with others who share the gift of a HUG.

Ask your church or Sunday School class to take an offering this month to give. Mail your gift or give securely online. Together let's HUG our children and families in need while sharing the love of Jesus.

Keep an eye on your inbox in October for practical stories about how we HUG children and families in need. You will learn how your HUG is given to those in need. Please share this challenge with others to help us reach our goal!

Thank you for Helping Us Give,

Sherry Bouquet
Executive Director,
Fostering Family Ministires

Give a HUG
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