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Ever need a hug?

Ever need a hug?

There is nothing cozier than a big hug. Research shows measureable benefits in lower blood pressure, easing stress and strenghening the immune system. You may be thinking you need a hug right now!

For children from hard places the need for a hug can help them calm their minds, emotions and bodies. One way to give them a "hug" is to provide weighted lap pad giving the same input to their muscles as a hug, helping them to gain control and calm down to focus. As you partner with Fostering Family Ministries you make these resources available to help our foster families as they strive to provide a healing home for foster children.

Through an Impact Grant from the ACCF Youth Council we have initiated the project of providing these weighted lap pads for children in care. God provided a talented volunteer, Debra Mount, with the skills and burden to design, sew and fill these beautiful lap pads. With your continued financial support we will be able to keep on providing resources like these to our foster families.

In the month of October we are asking you to H.U.G. these children and families in need through Fostering Family Ministries. Would you Help Us Givea hug?

We give "hugs" by

  • helping churches recruit more foster parents and volunteers
  • training local church volunteers
  • coordinating resources to meet foster children & famiiy needs
  • training churches in trauma informed ministry
  • advocating with our local agencies to continually improve our foster care
  • providing trauma informed care tools to those who work with children in need
We are praying for 50 people to give a HUG of $100 each to fund our services through the end of the year. Perhaps you can give $25 a week for 4 weeks or two gifts of $50 each. Maybe you will partner with others who share the gift of a HUG. Ask your church or Sunday School class to take an offering to give. Mail your gift or give securely online. Together let's HUG our children and families in need while sharing the love of Jesus.

Keep an eye on your inbox in October for practical stories about how we HUG children and families in need. You will learn how your HUG is given to those in need. Please share this challenge with others to help us reach our goal!

Thank you for Helping Us Give,

Sherry Bouquet
Executive Director,
Fostering Family Ministires

Give a HUG

Football lap pad

This weighted lap pad is already helping a lilttle guy in foster care. He did not receive basic love and care in his early years and this blanket helps him calm and focus.

More to share

We have more than 50 cases for children in need to choose their own lap pad. They are filled with the exact weight needed to give the perfect hug for each child.

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