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Ask and you shall receive....

Ask and you shall receive....

It all began as a vision, to celebrate our foster and adoptive families in our area. This past Sunday it became a reality.

Last April our board discussed the need to host a fun appreciation day for our foster and adoptive families in our community. We were able to identify a date and secure a magician. It helps that one of our board members happens to be Magic Mike, Mike Cantanzarito from Ashland Grace!

Next we secured a location. Bethel in Savannah was thrilled to host the event even at the end of their busiest week of the summer, Vacation Bible School and a wedding! We were blessed to have the use of ample room both inside and out, just in case of rain.

The final piece was to assemble activities for children and family and a wholesome meal, staffed and served up by a small army of volunteers. Now for the step of faith. In order to accomplish this task we were in need of God’s supply for manpower and additional funds.

In steps God. At the May Ashland County Ministerial meeting I gave an announcement and resources for National Foster Parent Appreciation Month in May. One pastor approached me at the end of the meeting and said God had burdened him to lead his church to help host a family festival of sorts with bounce houses and games. I, in turn, was humbled to tell him we already have it on the calendar with a location and magician booked.  God had burdened Fostering Family, and Bethel to schedule this event and his church, Cross Connect, to fill in the remaining pieces!

This past Sunday we served as The Church…more than 50 volunteers from area churches joined forces and served our families at the festival. Ashland Grace, Ashland Dickey Church of the Brethren, Bethel in Savannah, Cross Connect, Hopewell, and Trinity Lutheran formed the team of volunteers to make this event possible.

Fostering Family Ministries stepped out in faith to provide this Family Festival. God brought the churches together to fill the financial and volunteer needs. That is how he works.

In much the same way God calls families to be the ones He will set the lonely in, Psalms 68:6. He also calls everyone else to demonstrate true faith by helping them with that priceless task, James 1:27, “pure faith is to take care of the widow and the orphan in their distress and remain pure in this world.”

If you are being called to prepare to be a family for our children in need, to foster or adopt then now is the time to step out in faith. If you are not called to foster or adopt you still are not off the hook. It is through your supply that Fostering Family is able to support the God given charge to The Church to minister to these children in need. Find a way to include yourself. If not as a foster family then as a volunteer who helps a foster family once or twice a month so they can foster longer and stronger. Contact us for more details.

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Thanking God for His provision through each of you,

Sherry Bouquet

Executive Director

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