It takes a family, a church family, to raise a child. - Fostering Family Ministies
It takes a family, a church family, to raise a child.

It takes a family, a church family, to raise a child.

Contrary to a popular quote, "It takes a village to raise a child", our current state of affairs in America proves to us that the village has not faired well in raising children. The state and county governments are in desparate need of help to stem the tide in the growth of the number of children in foster care.

As followers of Christ, the church has been commanded to step up and care for these children in need.  In the past year we celebrate nearly a threefold increase in the number of foster families in our county.  Many of these families have come from the local churches. Truly, for a brief moment of time these foster children are in need of a family and the foster family is in need of a church family to raise these children.

This month I had the privilege to train another group of volunteers through Fostering Family Ministry. Several in attendance were from a local church who is excited to support one of their own families who have become a foster family. Following the Biblical model of James 1:27, this foster family and volunteers will indeed be serving "momentary orphans."  Additional volunteers from two other local churches are trained and ready to join a care team to serve a foster family in need.

It has been an exciting journey from our formation last year in May to the point we are in 2017. We have held several volunteer training sessions at four local churches, anticipating God to set the lonely in our church families. These volunteers have served foster families in our community, teaming up to serve families from other churches. Our goal is to see the number of volunteers triple this summer. Will that number include you? Prayerfully consider how you can help a family foster, ways your church can be involved.

Fill out a contact form to learn more about the next volunteeer training and help a family foster.  Donate to help fund our volunteer recruitment and training.  It takes a family, a church family to raise a child. Become part of the family.

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