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What's your super power?

What's your super power?


Doing what you love will help children from hard places in our community. These women from Trinity Lutheran use their talents to make beautiful cards. The proceeds from the sales are donated to local ministries. One of our board members, Karen Laughery, was privileged to receive a check on behalf of Fostering Family for $100 from this creative group.

What do you love to do? Is cooking a meal once a month one thing you would enjoy? Perhaps you would like to provide gift cards to local resturants for a meal to go. Do you enjoy being an aunt or uncle or a grandparent? Would you share your gift of friendship with a child from hard places and support a foster family by encouraging their foster child once or twice a month? 

Take the first step to get you and your church involved by contacting Fostering Family Ministries via the button below. Share this message with others!

For Hope and a Future,

Sherry M. Bouquet
Executive Director

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