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It's the first time this happened in 15 years!

It's the first time this happened in 15 years!

This is a message I was blessed to receive along with the above picture. “I have extra kids for the weekend, helping out another family myself. Cathy is fixing dinner for five tonight. A huge blessing for me and for four foster kids. It’s the first time this has happened in 15 years! Your (God’s) ministry at work.” –Todd Smith, a foster dad 

Cathy, pictured above, is from Ashland Dickey Church of the Brethren. She is blessed to be a foster grandma to the boys Todd has in care. This is just one of the ways she has been used by God in their life.

How is your ministry at work? Is it time to get involved? There are many ways to get involved and help serve children in need in our community.

Do you like to cook? Did you realize a simple meal goes a long way in lifting the load for a foster family? What about tutoring, would you help a child with homework? Maybe you would simply be willing to mentor a child who needs all the love we can provide to heal the heart and soul.

Is it time for you to join Cathy and others to lend a helping hand in supporting our foster families as they care for children from hard places. Check out our strategy at  Our mission at Fostering Family Ministries is to mobilize, organize and educate the church on how to provide compassionate foster care ministry. We are called by God to be the families to help heal these temporary orphans.

Sign up for our next volunteer training or become a church champion to launch your own foster care ministry. Attend the two day live simulcast right here in Ashland on evidenced based, trauma informed care. Empowered to Connect, April 7 & 8 will support you with knowledge and skill to help these children heal. Join the Movement!

For Hope and a Future,


Sherry Bouquet

Executive Director


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