Support a Foster Family

What Does It Mean to Support a Foster Family?

Each Church Champion Team promotes foster care ministry in their local church. In partnership with Fostering Family, they will raise awareness, recruit foster families & volunteers as well as train volunteers in their ministry.

Fostering Family Ministries Getting Started

Foster Family

Opens their heart and home to care for a foster child.

Child Mentor Fostering Family Ministries

Child Mentor

Provides mentoring, tutoring and transportation for the foster child.

Family Helper Fostering Family Ministries

Family Helper

Provides meals, housekeeping, and support for the foster family.

Team Leader Fostering Family Ministries

Team Leader

Keeps the care team cohesive. He or she connects with the foster family weekly and encourages the care team.

Alternate Caregiver Fostering Family Ministries

Alternate Caregiver

The alternate caregiver provides regular babysitting for the foster family.